BinspirA LLC

About Me

Hi! My name is Andrea Bankston! I am a Wife, Active Duty Soldier, mother of three, and grandmother of two. I was stationed in Ft Benning, Smith Barracks Baumholder (Germany), and Ft Lee, Virginia.

My journey began in 2019 while stationed in Germany as a Mary Kay beauty consultant. During this time, I was teaching my customers about the importance of skincare. Being a consultant brought me to dig deeper and realize that not only the skin is vital but health and wellness. On January 22, I opened my business (BinspirA LLC) to bring awareness of self-care to both men and women. The significance behind the name is (B) for Brandon (my other half) and (A) for Andrea. So, you see, Brandon inspires Andrea!

I'm passionate about wellness, health, and skincare. Eating healthy is vital to longevity and beautiful skin.

About BinspirA

Each candle is specially handcrafted using soy wax and infused with one-of-a-kind fragrance oils developed by a team of globally recognized expert perfumers.

Our mission is to continually capture the beauty and essence of Virginia of yesterday and today as we illuminate spaces worldwide with our soft glows and exquisite scents.

Our Mission

Our mission is to keep your home smelling luxurious!

Women and men deserve to be spoiled

Women and men deserve self-care

Women and men deserve more than perseverance and strength

Women and men don't always have to be strong

Women and men deserve luxury

Women and men deserve

We want to give you the products to live the new narrative out loud!

We want to help give you self-care

We want to provide you with luxury

We want to spoil you

BinspirA writes love notes through her luxurious scents.

Our Values

Our candles appreciate women's and men's strength and celebrate all the love and joy of togetherness. We will continue to enhance your space while creating a sense of comfort and luxury.